Julia Farrow MICB PM.Dip

Why is Bookkeeping necessary ?

  • All businesses must, by law, keep proper books and records
  • Good financial control is vital to your business. Regularly updated, accurate accounts records are key to this.

Why use a Bookkeeper ?

  • Bookkeeping can be very time-consuming and you have many other things to take care of – time you spend doing your books could be used to go out and make money !
  • Bookkeepers have the knowledge and experience to keep accurate books for you – leaving you one less thing to worry about.
  • Accountants have high hourly rates because they are more highly qualified than Bookkeepers and can provide tax advice etc. However, Bookkeepers can do all of the day-to-day work so that you need only pay your Accountant for the more complex work & tax advice etc.

Why use MY services ?

  • I am qualified by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and have many years experience.
  • I can undertake all your Bookkeeping work or may be able to cover if your staff are ill, on holiday or on maternity leave.
  • I am reliable, trustworthy, accurate and down-to-earth !
  • I only have a limited number of clients so each client and their business is well known to me ensuring close personal attention and a good working relationship.
  • I will meet with you regularly, at your convenience, to ensure that all is running smoothly and to discuss any queries you may have.
  • As a requirement of my ICB membership I also have Professional Indemnity insurance for added peace of mind.
  • My computer system is well protected with anti-virus software and passwords to keep your data secure.
  • As a Sage Bookkeepers’ Club member I use the latest Sage Accounts software.
  • I take backup copies each time I work on your accounts and these are kept securely in the cloud.